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The Sea Wall

Mike McCartney

18th June 2024

A new category for voting behaviour analysis at the 24 GE

Channel 4 News have said that a Labour wave could crash through the Conservative Sea Wall. What do they mean? Watch the item and find out.

Questions based on the clip

1. How do the older voters in Bournemouth feel about the upcoming election?

2. What factors have traditionally made coastal towns like Bournemouth fertile ground for the Conservative Party?

3. Why has there been a significant shift in voter preference towards Labour in the sea wall constituencies according to exclusive polling?

4. How do some residents of Bournemouth feel about the current political landscape and their voting choices?

5. In what ways has the cost of living crisis impacted the community in Bournemouth, particularly the seniors who attend the community cafe?

6. How do the Cafe regulars view the performance of politicians such as Rishi Sunak and their potential impact on the future?

7. What are the conflicting views among the residents of Bournemouth regarding the need for change and which party is best suited to deliver it?

Correct answers:

1. The older voters in Bournemouth express mixed feelings about the election, with some feeling disillusioned by the current state of the country.

2. Coastal towns like Bournemouth have traditionally been fertile ground for the Conservative Party due to an older demographic more likely to back Brexit and own their own homes.

3. Exclusive polling shows a significant shift towards Labour in the seawall constituencies, with Labour now 20 points ahead of the Conservatives, indicating a reversal from previous elections.

4. Some residents of Bournemouth feel confused and disillusioned by the political landscape, finding it hard to differentiate between parties that make promises but may not always deliver.

5. The cost of living crisis has worsened conditions for the community in Bournemouth, with increasing poverty levels and a growing wealth gap impacting seniors who rely on services like the community cafe.

6. The Cafe regulars have varying opinions on politicians like Rishi Sunak, with some acknowledging positive actions while others express frustration at the lack of progress or trust in politicians.

7. Residents of Bournemouth share a consensus on the need for change but differ on which party is best suited to deliver it, reflecting a divided sentiment within the community.

Mike McCartney

Mike is an experienced A-Level Politics teacher, author and examiner.

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