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Recommended podcast: Americast

Mike McCartney

13th September 2022

'Americast' has a relaunch of sorts, with new hosts

And the first episode is, as they might say in that part of the world, a doozy.

It focuses on that man who keeps on giving, Donald Trump, and the ongoing investigation into secret documents at what some have dubbed the "Winter White House", Mar-a-Lago.

As Miranda Sawyer writes in her review of the first episode in the Observer:

"The episode came out several hours later than promised, and you could imagine producers frantically editing out one guest (perhaps the Mooch?) and replacing them with another. Whoever got the chop, the main interviewee, lawyer and ex-FBI agent Asha Rangappa, was far better than any of The News Agents’ guests on the subject. Focused, clear and not led by political agenda or ego, she dealt with all questions, including one raised on both programmes: would the FBI hold back on prosecuting Trump for fear of provoking his supporters into riots? No, she said, because otherwise “the Justice Department would no longer be able to say that no one is above the law”. Spring’s contribution, towards the end of the show, was innovative: she’s creating specifically designed online user profiles in order to research how certain types of US voters are targeted by social media ads. This promises to be very interesting."

Listen to the episode in full on BBC Sounds here.

Mike McCartney

Mike is an experienced A-Level Politics teacher, author and examiner.

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