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Why support Trump?

Mike McCartney

25th January 2024

A nice video clip that does what it says on the tin

The excerpt asks why Trump is so popular in the words of its supporters. A nice bit of vox populi, with little evidence of editorial bias.

Questions based on what is said in the video:

1. How does Mike describe his life and job?

2. What are some positive aspects of Nebraska's economy mentioned in the video?

3. What are some negative effects of inflation mentioned by Mike?

4. Why does Mike have nostalgia for the Trump years?

5. According to Trey Stevens, what has been lacking in attention to agriculture from the current administration?

6. How does Trey Stevens feel about Trump's leadership style?

7. What does the rancher at the auction think about Trump's business skills and communication style?

8. Who does the rancher believe will make America better politically?

9. Why does the person engaged to a woman feel that they can't express their true feelings in their current location?

10. What concerns does the person engaged to a woman have when considering their future in agriculture?

Correct answers:

1. His life is good and he loves his job.

2. Nebraska's economy is good, unemployment is low, and there have been gains in personal income.

3. Inflation has caused increased costs for fuel, chemicals, fertilizer, equipment, and food.

4. Mike believes that Trump put America first and there were no wars during his presidency.

5. Trey Stevens feels that there has been a lack of attention to agriculture from the current administration.

6. Trey Stevens believes that Trump was in control and is unsure who is currently in control.

7. The rancher thinks that Trump is good with business but needs to learn to keep his mouth shut at times.

8. The rancher believes that Trump will change things around if he gets back in office.

9. The person engaged to a woman feels that they can't openly express their support for Trump due to the culture in their area.

10. The person engaged to a woman is concerned about finding a state where they can have an agricultural future and be accepted for their beliefs.

Mike McCartney

Mike is an experienced A-Level Politics teacher, author and examiner.

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