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On the buses for another English region

Mike McCartney

9th October 2023

Liverpool city region has joined Manchester in taking back control of its bus network

Recently, Steve Rotheram as Mayor of Liverpool Region announced that the city government would be taking control of its local bus network. Read more on this story here.

This comes soon after the same man had taken the first step towards a London style integrated transport network in taking delivery of a fleet of new hydrogen powered buses.


1. What is the purpose of the new bus fleet?

2. How are these buses different from others?

3. Why do passengers love these buses?

4. What is the commitment of the Metro mayor and the leaders?

5. How will these buses help fight climate change?

6. What facilities do these buses have for passengers?

7. How does the speaker describe the windows on the bus?

8. What is the speaker's opinion of the new buses?

9. What important decision will be made in the next few months?

10. Why does the speaker want the buses to be publicly owned?

The move by the government in Merseyside follows that of nearby Manchester, which was the first of the newly created English regional governments to reverse the 1980s privatisation of the bus network. The Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, called the action a "coming of age moment for devolution".

On the basis of the above, and the arguments for and against devolution,* discuss whether devolution in the UK strengthens or weakens democracy.

*see a previous blog post here, that lists the related arguments. Budget 2023 - English regional devolution

If you study Economics, you might see there is a link here with contestable markets?

All aboard!

Mike McCartney

Mike is an experienced A-Level Politics teacher, author and examiner.

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