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Focus on George Galloway's time as MP for Rochdale

Mike McCartney

11th June 2024

A good mini case study on the role of minor parties

The article from the Guardian is here.

Suggested questions

1. What controversial theories does George Galloway dismiss regarding the murders of prominent figures like John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King?

2. How has George Galloway's stance on conspiracy theories evolved since he was elected as Rochdale's MP?

3. Why is there growing concern about MPs spreading false information online, and how does George Galloway fit into this narrative?

4. What are some examples of conspiracy theories or speculations that George Galloway has shared with his audience?

5. How does George Galloway use social media platforms to reach a wider audience and generate income?

6. In what ways does George Galloway focus his attention on international issues, particularly in the Middle East, compared to local concerns in Rochdale?

7. How does George Galloway justify his frequent mentions of Israel and Gaza in his videos while mentioning Rochdale significantly less?

Correct answers

1. George Galloway dismisses the "official narrative" surrounding the murders of John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and senator Robert F Kennedy, calling them "a pack of lies".

2. Instead of backing away from conspiracy theories, George Galloway appears to have become more entrenched in them since being elected as Rochdale's MP.

3. Concerns are rising about MPs spreading unfounded speculation online because it could pose a danger to democracy. George Galloway continues to share conspiracy theories despite these concerns.

4. Examples of conspiracy theories shared by George Galloway include questioning the official narratives of historical events and suggesting cover-ups involving the royal family.

5. George Galloway uses various social media platforms to reach a large audience and generates income through Patreon subscriptions for exclusive content access.

6. While George Galloway focuses heavily on international issues, especially in the Middle East, he mentions local concerns in Rochdale far less frequently in his online content.

7. George Galloway justifies his frequent mentions of Israel and Gaza by stating that he arrived in Rochdale recently and had not been using hashtags related to the town before his arrival.

Wider discussion questions

1. How do you think George Galloway's focus on specific issues like Gaza and Israel impacts his overall political image?

2. Should MPs be held accountable for the content they share on social media platforms, especially if it spreads disinformation?

3. How might George Galloway's strong stance on certain issues resonate with different communities within his constituency?

Mike McCartney

Mike is an experienced A-Level Politics teacher, author and examiner.

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