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Election 2023 significance

Mike McCartney

9th November 2023

A great night for the Democrats but not necessarily propitious for Biden

What are the main takeaways from this week's elections in the USA?

Questions on the video

1. Which governor won re-election in a closely watched race in a Republican-leaning state?

2. What message did Ohio voters deliver with potential national implications?

3. According to Mary Bruce, what does the political potency of the fight for abortion rights show?

4. In which state did voters decide to enshrine the right to abortion access into the state's Constitution?

5. How did Governor Glenn Youngkin try to approach the issue of abortion in Virginia?

6. Who won re-election as the Democratic governor in Kentucky, despite it being a deep red state?

7. What is one of the big questions going forward after these election outcomes?

8. What does the fact that abortion access proved to be a major motivating factor for voters in Ohio and Virginia show?

9. How many states have voted to enshrine abortion rights into their state's Constitution since Roe v. Wade was overturned?

10. What do Republicans need as a better game plan heading into 2024, according to Mary Bruce?

So, on the surface, recent events would point to a strong chance for re-election for Biden. But, like a lot of things in politics, closer examination reveals that it's not that simple...

Questions on video 2

1. What continues to be a potent issue for Democrats?

2. What does the election results suggest for Biden's future?

3. What is the biggest issue for President Biden?

4. Who else was not on the ballot last night?

5. What is the question for the next year regarding voter turnout?

6. What are the recent polls showing about the Trump-Biden matchup?

7. What is the hope for the Republican candidates in the debate?

8. What critical distinctions might these candidates try to draw between themselves and Donald Trump?

9. What issue is speculated might dominate the NBC Republican debate on Miami?

10. How have Republicans tried to frame the issue of abortion access?

Mike McCartney

Mike is an experienced A-Level Politics teacher, author and examiner.

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