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GCSE History Revision Quizzes

Jim Riley

11th June 2017

Try these GCSE History revision quizzes to help you test your knowledge and understanding of key facts and events.

EUROPE 1914 - 1939


American West

Crime and Punishment

Current World Issues

End of Empire 1919-1969

Impact of War on Britain 1903-54

Labour and the Trade Unions

Mao’s China 1930-76

Medicine through Time

Miners Strikes

Poll Tax Protests

Russia 1905-1941

South Africa

The Middle East 1919-1973

The UK and Ireland

The United Nations

The Welfare State

Transformation of Surgery 1845-1918

USA 1919-1941

USA 1945-1975


Warfare through Time


Women in the 20th Century

Jim Riley

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