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Top Tips for Teaching the New GCSE History & FREE WWI Board Game

Chris Watkins

30th August 2016

It's a new year and new GCSE for History and getting your year off to a flying start is something everything every teacher dreams about...but if you're anything like me, you spent far too long thinking and not doing. So here's some top tips to get you started and a free lesson resource amaze in that very first lesson of the year.

1. Know your Spec

While the new GCSE may look and feel familiar, make sure you check out the latest specifications and watch out for those minor changes.

2. Know who to Follow

Twitter is filled with hundreds of quality Historians to follow. Why not try try following:

3. Watch History Programmes

UK TV is filled many programmes that can help bring History to life, including: The History Channel itself, or one of the 3,000 History videos found on the BBC website.

4. Listen to History Podcasts

If you don't have time to watch a full programme, then why not check out some excellent History Podcasts, including:

5. Read Well, Write Well

The more you read quality pieces of work, the more your writing will benefit, the same is true if you read inferior quality work then your writing will suffer. Don't give an examiner the chance to mark you down over poor writing quality.

FREE Lesson Resource

To download a FREE WWI board game that will make a cracking lesson, click here: Tutor2U WWI Game

Print off the first four slides as large as you can. Align them so that they present a continuous timeline of events. Allocate students into groups of 2 or more, you can have multiple teams competing on the same board. Students take turns rolling the dice, students move around the board answering questions as they go. If they get a question correct they move forward the number of squares dictated by the dice and if they get the question wrong they move backwards.

Chris Watkins

Chris is the Head of History at Haberdashers' Aske's Crayford Academy. He has taught GCSE and A-Level History since time began and has a passion developing young Historians.

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