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Joan Robinson

Robinson remains one of the most influential of Keynes’ students and followers, and her major works followed from Keynes’ “General Theory.” She developed the concept of monopsony and was instrumental in building our understanding of business economics in imperfectly competitive markets.

Joan Robinson was a British economist who made significant contributions to the field of economic theory. She is best known for her work on imperfect competition, economic development, and the impact of inflation on unemployment. Robinson was one of the first female economics professors at the University of Cambridge and was a leading figure in the development of Keynesian economics.

Robinson's work focused on the role of market structures in shaping economic outcomes. She argued that the assumption of perfect competition, which was prevalent in mainstream economic theory at the time, was unrealistic and that many markets were characterized by imperfect competition. Robinson also made important contributions to the understanding of economic development and the role of technological change in driving economic growth.

Robinson's ideas had a significant influence on the development of economic theory and policy, and she is considered one of the most important economists of the 20th century. In addition to her contributions to economics, Robinson was also an activist for social justice and was involved in efforts to promote gender equality and progressive economic policies.

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