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Monopoly - Costs and Benefits of Monopoly I A-Level and IB Economics

A-Level, IB
AQA, Edexcel, OCR, IB, Eduqas, WJEC, CIE

Last updated 9 Jan 2024

In this revision video we discuss some of the potential costs and benefits from businesses having monopoly power in an industry.

Monopoly - Costs and Benefits of Monopoly I A-Level and IB Economics

Monopoly power refers to a situation where a single company dominates a market, controlling the supply and pricing of a product or service. Here are some potential costs and benefits of monopoly power:Costs

  • Higher prices: Monopolies can set prices higher than in competitive markets, leading to higher costs for consumers.
  • Reduced innovation: With no competition, monopolies may have less incentive to invest in research and development, leading to reduced innovation.
  • Poor customer service: Monopolies may have less incentive to provide high-quality customer service, as customers have no alternative options.
  • Income inequality: Monopolies can lead to higher profits and income for the monopoly holder, increasing income inequality.


  • Economies of scale: Monopolies can achieve economies of scale by producing large quantities, leading to lower costs and prices for consumers.
  • R&D investment: Some monopolies have the resources to invest in long-term research and development, leading to innovation and technological progress.
  • Public service: Monopolies can be useful in providing public services, such as utilities, where competition is not feasible.
  • Regional development: Monopolies can drive regional development, creating jobs and stimulating the local economy.

Overall, the costs and benefits of monopoly power depend on the specific market and the behavior of the monopoly holder. While monopolies can lead to higher prices and reduced innovation, they can also drive economies of scale and investment in R&D, depending on the circumstances. Governments often regulate monopolies to prevent anti-competitive behavior and protect consumers.

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