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Confusing pairs of key phrases in A Level Economics - have a go at our 'Test Yourself' Activities

AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Last updated 15 Apr 2019

Here's a fantastic pair of activities from our team of contributors who have identified the key phrases that are often misused during A Level Economics exams.

Examiners have frequently commented upon how students appear to be confused over the definition of some key phrases and often mix them up. In each activity, we have identified over 60 pairs of micro and macro phrases that get confused regularly by students.

Using an online 'flip card' approach, students test themselves on their understanding and knowledge of the phrases. They are presented with two key phrases and must identify the difference between each phrase. After revealing the answer, they can assess themselves and review their progress at the end of the activity.

This activity could give students a fantastic boost in their preparation for exams.



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