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Sustainability: People still want plastic bottles, says Coca-Cola

Graham Watson

22nd January 2020

To what extent do consumers drive climate change? This BBC piece citing Coca-Cola's head of sustainability makes it fairly clear that this is the case.

Plastic waste collected along shorelines worldwide in 2019, by company

The drinks company is trying to reduce their carbon footprint but says that ditching plastic outright is going to be impossible because consumers want plastic bottles. And I can see this - much as I can see that I don't want to buy bin liners when I can 're-purpose' plastic bags to that end.

However, it might be argued that a company that emphasised corporate social responsibility over profit, particularly such a large one, might seek to play a bigger role in re-educating consumers.

Naturally there has been quite a bit of kick back from environmental campaigners. The pressure for a tax on plastic bottles remains strong.

Graham Watson

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