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Here are some topical areas that you might want to focus on in your microeconomics revision ahead of the micro Paper 1. Examiners tend to choose markets and industries where there are demand and supply-side changes and where they can test your understanding of economic efficiency, economic and social welfare and government interventions designed to address one or more market failures.

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Causes of and policies to address water scarcity

Follow up:

See also: 

Property rights and the tragedy of the commons

Follow up:

Policies to address externalities from gambling addiction  

Follow up:

Renewable energy subsidies

Follow up:

The market for e-vehicles and e-charging

Follow up:

The market for drones - positive and negative externalities

The UK Housing Shortage

Follow up:

Price capping in the UK energy industry  

Follow up: 

Economic and social welfare Market Failure & Government Intervention

A Level Economics MCQ Revision Blasts - Use These in Your Revision!

The growth of the Gig Economy / monopsony power of employers   

Follow up:

Digital monopolies and economic welfare (e.g. Netflix, Google, Amazon)

Follow up:

Trade unions and the labour market

Follow up:

The Gender Pay Gap

Follow up:  

Impact of automation / robotics in the labour market

Follow up: 

Rail nationalisation in the UK

Follow up:  

Economics of mergers and takeovers e.g. Sainsbury and Asda

Follow up:

Business Pricing in imperfect competition

Follow up:  

Contestable markets - business growth & objectives in music streaming

Follow up:  

Regulation of financial markets to address financial market failure

Objectives of firms

A Level Economics Revision Resources

Costs revenues and profits

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