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Global Turbulence Persists - IMF World Economic Outlook Update, January 2023

Graham Watson

1st February 2023

On the day that the IMF publishes its updated growth forecasts for individual economies as well as the global economy, they also publish this. A snapshot of global economic health: highlighting slowing growth in 2023 but recovery into 2024 as well as some sense of potential headwinds - health concerns, Ukraine and the implications of higher interest rates, given high levels of global debt.

Global Turbulence Persists - IMF World Economic Outlook Update, January 2023

After the IMF growth forecast suggests the UK will be the weakest performing G7 nation in 2023, Paul Johnson suggests a combination of unique circumstances have played a part - labour shortages, Brexit and rising mortgage costs.

I'm still amazed that we are allowing the media to get away without coupling up labour shortages and Brexit, when I think it's seemingly self-evident that the two are linked.

UK held back by staff shortages, Brexit and mortgage costs, says top economist

Why is the UK economy doing worse than the rest of the G7?

Graham Watson

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