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The point at which the total sales of a business equal total costs.


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  • This is a new, second volume of calculation practice sheets that provide invaluable extra exam-style questions for students to practice their quantitative skills. This volume covers numerical concepts in Units 3....

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    AQA A Level Business (Year 1) Calculation Practice Sheets (Volume 2)
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  • This resource a number of strategies to deliver concept of fixed and variable costs in a memorable way!


    A Crispy Way to Teach Variable and Fixed Costs
  • Can your students spot the deliberate mistakes in these finance resources? Can they Beat the Teacher? A great way to test knowledge and understanding of break-even and cash flow forecasting.


    Beat the Teacher - Finance (Vol 1)
  • This activity makes use of four case study businesses to give students practice of calculating contribution and the break-even point, and of analysing the impact of changes in costs or...

    £5.00 (+VAT)

    Breakeven Roll of the Dice
  • Here's a simple, effective and highly visual way to help teach breakeven and contribution!


    Funnel (Contribution)
  • The purpose of this activity is to get students to consider the quantitative and qualitative factors a business has to consider when choosing an international location. This activity can be...

    £5.00 (+VAT)

    Here Comes the Son (AQA Version)
  • This activity allows students to build on their prior knowledge and understanding of the key topic areas of fixed, variable and total costs, along with revenue, profit and loss.

    £5.00 (+VAT)

    Mr Tee's Breakeven Analysis
  • This activity can be used to consolidate the teaching and learning of two key investment appraisal techniques (payback and ARR) as well as getting students to consider quantitative and qualitative...

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    Uncle Wong's Big Decision
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