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Managerial Actions to Share Organisational Culture with Employees (AQA Q2.2, Paper 2 2018)


Last updated 27 Mar 2023

Here is a suggested response to the 9-mark analysis question in 2018 on the actions managers might take to help ensure employees share the culture of a business.


Analyse the actions management at Lego might take to help ensure that its employees share the culture of the business

Possible Answer

One action would be communication. Lego already has a strong culture based on openness and trust. Consequently, communication between managers and employees throughout Lego's wide international operations needs to be frequent and open. For example, Lego managers could take actions to ensure employees are reminded about the mission, aims and objectives of the business and how the business is performing compared with these objectives. By communicating key performance data regularly to all employees around the world, Lego managers should, therefore, be able to reinforce the culture of openness and trust.

Another action would be training. Lego has core values of “Creativity, Imagination, Fun, Learning, Quality and Care”. So, Lego's managers need to ensure that employee training supports and develops these values. For example, the induction training for new employees in China and Mexico will need to introduce these core values, perhaps through training such as team-building activities. Training in Lego's culture for employees in countries such as China and Mexico may need to be tailored to local needs as new employees there may not have worked for a multinational with such a distinctive culture as Lego and may need time to adjust to a new culture.

Note: the question requires students to explore the "actions" Lego managers might take. The range required for arguments is, therefore, plural. So two actions are required

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