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Teaching Activities

Teaching Activity: The Only Way is Ethics


Last updated 2 Aug 2022

This teaching resource provides a way to help students develop skills of identifying ethical issues. It also encourages them to think about about how ethical issues can be dealt with.

The activity works best when students collaborate in teams of 4

Activity 1

Students are placed in small groups and given a set of The Only Way Is Ethics Research Cards. After reading through them they are instructed to fill in the student answer sheet. This includes them identifying the ethical issue for each piece of research (including explaining why it is an ethical issue) and then also coming up with ways to deal with these issues.

Activity 2

After feeding back group responses, students are then asked to rank the Research Cards from most unethical through to least unethical. And the teacher can lead discussion into which pieces of research are the most – least unethical and why.

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