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Useful Videos for Teaching Theory and Methods

Sarah Best

28th February 2017

Theory and Methods can be one of the more challenging topics for students to understand, as the ideas can be incredibly abstract. In many ways students are also examining key political, economical and philosophical aspects within the sociology course.

And this is where videos can be incredibly handy!

The BBC online archives are a treasure trove of resources, either for in class teaching and learning or for students to watch at home, including this one about Max Weber.

Max Weber: The Protestant Ethic

The BBC Radio 4 ‘In Our Time’ video series utilises some fantastic animations (voiced by the likes of Stephen Fry, Gillian Anderson to name a couple) and key ideas that could help students visualise some of those important concepts related to Theory and Methods. The series contains nearly 50 videos with other notable ones reviewing:

A full video list can also be found on the 'A History Of Ideas' YouTube playlist.

Sarah Best

Sarah is a passionate full-time Head of Sociology and Psychology and has worked in a variety in schools in the UK, and she is currently working in a British international school. She is keen to develop and boost the profile of both subjects.

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