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Teaching Sociological Skills: Application from an Item (2)

In the second of a series of posts focusing on application skills from an item, the secret examiner explores how students could utilise case studies that would help students improve their answers.

Case Studies

This is a favourite method of mine for getting students to apply their knowledge of sociology. It can be done by creating your own case study (e.g., working-class boy, not doing well in school, joins a gang, doesn’t attend school or work hard – why?) or by using a selection of resources in the media. 

There are many articles tweeted by the textbook authors, sociology teachers and ourselves at tutor2u that could be used. Simply print off the article and ask students – which theories/concepts are at work here?

These are just two quick methods for getting students to practise their application skills from an item. There are more resources available in the tutor2u digital store, including lesson solutions, posters, and concept worksheets that can help with these skills.   

Psychology & Sociology Secret Examiner

The Secret Examiner is an experienced teacher and examiner for A-Level Psychology & Sociology

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