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Model Answer for Question 5 Paper 1: AS Psychology, June 2016 (AQA)

AS, A-Level

Last updated 13 May 2017

Section B – Memory

05 Outline what psychological research has shown about short-term memory according to the multi-store model. [4 marks]

Suggested Answer: Miller studied the capacity of STM. Miller’s research has shown that our STM has a capacity of 7+/-2 items. However, Miller also suggests that our capacity is improved through chunking. Peterson & Peterson studied the duration of STM. Peterson & Peterson’s research has shown that our STM has a duration of approximately 18 seconds. Baddeley studied the coding of STM. Baddeley found that our STM codes acoustically.

Exam Hint: Many students often write a detailed summary of the method which is not required. The question says what has research ‘shown’ which means that credit can only be awarded for the findings and conclusions. Answers, therefore, need to present a summary of the findings/conclusions to gain credit. 

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