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Example Answer for Question 5 Paper 2: A Level Psychology, June 2017 (AQA)


Last updated 25 Apr 2018

Section B – Biopsychology: Q5 [4 Marks]

The Broca’s area is part of the left frontal lobe and is involved in speech production. As Lotta’s grandmother has experienced damage to her Broca’s area, she is likely to have problems speaking fluently and will experience slow and inarticulate speech.

Furthermore, as she has damaged her left motor cortex which is responsible for voluntary movements, she is likely to experience problems on the right-hand side of her body (moving the right arm/leg) as the left motor regions are responsible for movement on the right side of the body.

Please Note: These answers have been produced without the knowledge of the mark scheme and merely reflect my attempt at producing a model answer on the day of the exam.

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