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Stress: What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing!

Joseph Sparks

17th January 2017

While stress might be unavoidable, some people seem to strive on stress whereas other people are adversely affected by stress. However, an interesting article on the ScienceDaily website, reports the effects on stress on our senses.

The article highlights how cortisol can actually affect performance on perceptual performance tasks by affecting sensory areas of the brain. While these results may not be overly surprising, the study could have implications for clinical treatments that use corticosteroids, which are used to treat a range of immunological and neurological diseases. Therefore, further research is required to determine the effects that clinical substances using corticosteroids have on the learning mechanisms in the brain.

To read the full article, click here.

AQA Specification Link: This interesting discovery is particularly useful if you are studying the Year 2 Topic Stress.

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Joseph Sparks

Joseph is a Subject Advisor for Psychology at tutor2u. He is an experienced Psychology & Music Teacher, Writer, Examiner and Presenter. He is currently completing a Professional Doctorate in Education and is passionate about the impact of technology on teaching and learning.

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