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Q&A from AQA: Multi-Store Model - Research for Coding, Capacity and Duration

Below you will find a question and response from AQA in relation to: Multi-Store Model - Research for Coding, Capacity and Duration.


Do we have to teach the students a piece of research each for coding, capacity and duration for each of the SR, STM and LTM for the new specification? That would mean 9 studies just for the features of each store and then more research to evaluate the model as well. Seems like a big ask for students to learn all those pieces of research.


"As the spec states features of ‘each store’, students would be expected to cover coding, capacity and duration of the sensory register I would, where possible, refer students to research evidence on which the theory is based. It is therefore possible that students could be asked a question about the sensory register (included on week seven of the Scheme of Work.)

In relation to evidence I would suggest that you select studies that deal with a number of features eg Sperling's study provides evidence of capacity, duration and coding in sensory memory and Peterson and Peterson deal with capacity, duration and coding in STM, and provides evidence for the importance of rehearsal."

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