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Four NEW Summer Psychology CPD Events

Joseph Sparks

4th April 2017

The Psychology Team have been busy planning a series of NEW face-to-face CPD Events for summer 2017.

To view full details of the events or to book, click here.

Essential Psychology is aimed at teachers who are new to teaching A-Level Psychology. This course will provide you with a practical toolkit of teaching activities, ideas and resources. The day consists of three core sessions:

Quick Wins

Teaching activities, approaches and resources that provide a foundation to help build your confidence.

Engaging Psychology

Fresh ideas for teaching important core topics that teachers find hard to deliver.

Concern Clinic & Practical Solutions

A range of ‘treatments’ to address common problems for new and inexperienced teachers.

If you feel confident in teaching A-Level Psychology, please do not attend this course and check out our Success in Teaching AQA A-Level Psychology or Teaching Tough Topics. Please note: In addition to brand new resources developed specifically for this course, this CPD event will also feature some resources that were part of AQA A Level Department Results Booster.

Drawing on the vault of tutor2u resources and experience, this course provides advice, guidance and support on the key features of how to successfully deliver the AQA A-Level Psychology specification.

We'll reflect on the key lessons to be learned from the most recent exam papers and the issues and challenges faced by the AQA A-Level Psychology teacher community this year.

Our aim? To leave delegates feeling much better prepared and more confident in their approach to delivering linear AQA A Level Psychology from September 2017.

Key Lessons Learned & Actions for September

Let’s strike while the iron is hot – what can we learn from the three linear papers and two AS papers? What were the surprises? How can use this information to inform our teaching and planning?

Next Time, It’s Linear

Do you really need AS? Are there more efficient ways of teaching the two-year course? Practical ideas/suggestions for September 2017.

Exam Skills Revisited

Essays, Evaluation & Embedding Issues/Debates.

Please note: In addition to brand new resources developed specifically for this course, this CPD event will also feature some resources that were part of AQA A-Level Department Results Booster.

This course is for experienced practitioners who want to take the time to develop their professional expertise in three core and traditionally tough and challenging areas for both teachers and students alike.

Dissecting Biopsychology

From Broca to Wernicke, From Split Brain Studies to Endogenous Pacemakers - The parts of biopsychology that the textbooks don’t deliver on. This session will explore the toughest areas of biopsychology with resources that help you guide your students and develop their confidence in the most difficult areas of biopsychology. If Carlsberg did biopsychology lessons…

Research Methods Plus

With twice the marks and double the importance, Research Methods really do matter. We have to make time during the two-year linear course to introduce students to the basics of RM and then build their confidence, ideally using practicals so they can see the benefits and purpose of RM. This session will focus on inferential statistical tests and 12-mark RM questions.

Issues & Debates

How to take the tough out of issues debates? Embedding issues and debates – where, when and how? Creative and innovative ways to help your students fall in love with issues & debates!

Save substantial planning time with this resource-packed course on the new GCSE Psychology for first teaching from September 2017.

Who Should Attend

ALL teachers involved in delivering the new GCSE Psychology from September 2017.

About This Event

This course includes:

  • Key features of the new specifications
  • New teaching content
  • How to respond to changed assessment
  • A ready-to-use pack of teaching resources & planning documents

Joseph Sparks

Joseph is a Subject Advisor for Psychology at tutor2u. He is an experienced Psychology & Music Teacher, Writer, Examiner and Presenter. He is currently completing a Professional Doctorate in Education and is passionate about the impact of technology on teaching and learning.

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