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Key Political Thinkers - 60 Second Challenge (Knowledge Retrieval Activity)

AQA, Edexcel

Last updated 16 Oct 2019

Here is a PowerPoint-based knowledge retrieval activity for students who have been taught about key political thinkers such as John Locke, Ayn Rand, Rosa Luxemburg and Mary Wollstencraft.

This resource is designed to take just 60 seconds. When the activity starts, students are challenged to match 10 key thinkers (lettered A-J) with the relevant quote.

Before you start the activity, ask the students to list A-J on a piece of paper. There isn’t time to write down the thinkers or quotes. So just get them to note the associated number for each letter.

The correct answers are revealed when time is up - after 60 seconds!

As always, follow-up questions about some of the key terms / phrases listed will help reinforce student knowledge - particularly the ones they didn’t match!

DOWNLOAD Key Political Thinkers: 60 Second Challenge (PowerPoint) here

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