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Republican Presidential Nominee: Donald J Trump

Scott Thomas

22nd July 2016

Donald Trump has now delivered his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, declaring to be the Law and Order candidate. The speech itself is worth a watch but the key points have been summarised below for you.

Trump's Speech to the Convention

Key Points:

  • Trump declared to the Convention that he would 'put American first'
  • Repeated his promise to build a wall along the border with Mexico to stop immigration and crime imported from Mexico.
  • Attacked Hilary Clinton over immigration and crime
  • Linked a long history of immigration to lower wages for Latinos and African Americans
  • Attacked the Democrats and specifically Barack Obama over education, employment and crime
  • Claimed that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants were roaming free across America whilst holding criminal records
  • To be the law and order candidate

They key points sum up the convention themes of Making America - Safe, Work, First and One - Again, have been addressed in Trump's speech but the convention itself has still not united the party has perhaps GOP members would have liked. Ted Cruz went off script and refused to endorse Trump and ended up being booed by the convention audience.

You can catch up with the events from the Convention below:

Day One: Making America Safe Again

Day Two: Making America Work Again

Day Three: Making America First Again

Day Four: Making America One Again (Coming Soon)

Scott Thomas

Scott is Subject Lead for History at Tutor2u, and works full time as a teacher of History. He has examined for Edexcel and holds a joint degree in History and Politics from Newcastle University

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