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Party funding and racism row

Mike McCartney

19th March 2024

Should recent events lead to a fundamental reform of party funding?

There have been renewed calls for tightening rules on party funding in light of the revelations surrounding Frank Hester, who is said to have made racist comments about a sitting MP.

See video below for background on the story.

Questions on the video:

1. What was the subject of the allegedly racist comments made by Frank Hester in 2019?

A. Diane Abbott

B. Boris Johnson

C. Ed Davy

D. Matthew Thompson

2. What did the Chancellor emphasize about their party's transparency regarding donations?

A. They are completely transparent

B. They follow all the rules and regulations

C. They believe in transparency

D. All of the above

3. What action did Labour suggest the Conservatives should take regarding Frank Hester's donations?

A. Return the money

B. Keep the money

C. Double the donation

D. Invest the money

4. Who was quick to condemn Frank Hester's comments about Diane Abbott as racist and misogynistic?

A. The Prime Minister

B. The Chancellor

C. Labour

D. The Conservative party

5. What did Ed Davy express disappointment about regarding the election?

A. The delay in the election date

B. The lack of election on May 2nd

C. The number of candidates running

D. The lack of campaign funds

6. How did Labour symbolically tease the Prime Minister for not calling an election?

A. Sent a brood of chickens to Westminster

B. Sent a bouquet of flowers to Downing Street

C. Sent a box of chocolates to Parliament

D. Sent a letter of protest to the Prime Minister

7. What did the delay in the election date potentially allow the Conservatives to do?

A. Get more donations

B. Call for an earlier election

C. Plan a different campaign strategy

D. Get more value for their money

Correct answers:

1. A

2. D

3. A

4. C

5. B

6. A

7. D

Columnists such as Simon Kelner in the i newspaper have described this story as something of a nadir in British politics.

Question for discussion

Using the above, and your own knowledge, discuss whether you agree that UK political parties should receive more state funding?.

Mike McCartney

Mike is an experienced A-Level Politics teacher, author and examiner.

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