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Just Stop Oil in the news again

Mike McCartney

6th October 2023

Climate protestor in tears on Sky News

Climate protestor Zoe Cohen broke down in tears on Sky News when being interviewed about the protest that interrupted Les Miserables in central London.

There have been multiple entries on the tutor2u site about direct action, and Just Stop Oil in particular. The group make an excellent case study. Read a past entry here for more background.

Below are more related clips from YouTube. The tears post Les Mis are on the last clip, about 5 minutes in, if you want to fast forward to the relevant bit.


1. Who are the Just Stop Oil activists and what is their goal?

2. What was the first action that Just Stop Oil invited the reporter to?

3. What happened during the coordinated blockades of 10 oil terminals?

4. How did the police respond to the group's attempt to walk to the site?

5. What was the group's original plan for their protest?

6. Why did the group start their protest earlier than planned?

7. What is the purpose of the group's actions?

8. Why do the activists feel that they have to take these actions?

9. What is the media's role in the group's activism?

10. How do the activists justify their actions to the police?

Link to my notes about the rise of direct action and arguments for and against are here: Direct action: helpful or harmful?

Mike McCartney

Mike is an experienced A-Level Politics teacher, author and examiner.

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