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Is an electoral asteroid about to hit the Tories at GE24?

Mike McCartney

19th June 2024

Fascinating interview with Rory Stewart on Australian news channel forecasting an electoral wipeout in July

Questions based on the video

1. What is the current political situation in the UK according to the polls?

2. How has the Conservative Party's position changed over the past four and a half years?

3. Why does the speaker describe Boris Johnson as a "dishonest incompetent buffoon"?

4. How has Liz Truss impacted the British economy, according to the speaker?

5. What role does populism play in the current political landscape of Europe and the United States, as mentioned by the speaker?

6. How has Nigel Farage influenced the Conservative Party's strategy during this election campaign?

7. In what way has the Conservative Party shifted politically since 2019, as discussed by the speaker?

Correct answers:

1. The polls suggest a significant defeat for the Tories, potentially losing around 200 seats.

2. The Conservative Party has gone from an unprecedented victory in 2019 to facing one of the worst defeats in history within just four and a half years.

3. Boris Johnson is described as a dishonest incompetent buffoon due to his perceived lack of honesty, competence, and serious leadership qualities.

4. Liz Truss is criticized for her actions that led to economic turmoil, causing damage to the British economy.

5. Populism has made governments unpopular in both Europe and the United States because they often fail to deliver on their promises, leading to dissatisfaction among voters.

6. Nigel Farage has pushed the Conservative Party further to the right, forcing them into a difficult position between a centrist Labour party and Farage's far-right stance.

7. Since 2019, the Conservative Party has moved towards a more populist approach, aligning itself with strategies similar to Trump's Republican Party and distancing itself from its previous broad coalition.

Wider discussion questions based on the clip

1. How do you think the current political landscape in the UK will impact future elections?
2. What role do you believe populism plays in shaping political parties and their strategies?
3. Do you think the shift towards more extreme ideologies in politics is a global trend?
4. How important is it for political parties to adapt to changing voter preferences and sentiments?
5. In your opinion, what are the potential consequences of political parties moving further towards the extremes of the political spectrum?

Mike McCartney

Mike is an experienced A-Level Politics teacher, author and examiner.

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