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Interesting article (on the party politics of?) electoral systems

Mike McCartney

17th February 2021

Not something you read every day, I get it

I read this in the i, today. I guess the New European is part of the same newspaper family. I guess neither of which are widely read by Politics students. I guess that is partly the purpose of this Blog? Anyway, a stock exam question is to do with the arguments for and against a voting system that effects proportionality or not, and within that we get to the rather arcane details of the type of electoral system that delivers these desired effects.

Anyway, a less travelled question is why we ask this.

I would say, that years of opposition tend to invoke a fair bit of questioning of the 'fairness' of how MPs are voted in.

Just a reminder before the link to this article.

It took on average about 50,000 votes at the 2019 General Election to elect an MP for Labour, versus slightly above 38,000 for the Conservative Party.

These details are from the excellent report on the 2019 GE from the Electoral Reform Society: The 2019 General Election: Voters Left Voiceless – Electoral Reform Society (

The link to the article on the pressure on Keir Starmer is here:

Mike McCartney

Mike is an experienced A-Level Politics teacher, author and examiner.

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