Idiot's guide to GE24

Mike McCartney

17th June 2024

Think it's intended for adults but could be good for lower school as background for a mock GE

Sky News dub it an ultimate guide. I wouldn't go that far, but could be employed as a backgrounder.

Some possible questions
1. How does the UK general election work in terms of choosing a member of parliament?
2. What is the significance of winning a constituency in the House of Commons during the general election?
3. What are the different options available for voting in the UK general election?
4. Why is voter ID required at polling stations during the UK general election?
5. What happens when the poll stations close on election day?
6. What is an exit poll and why do political correspondents get excited about it?
7. What occurs if there is a hung Parliament after the general election results are announced?

Correct answers

1. The UK general election allows people to choose a member of parliament to represent their area or constituency by voting for candidates from different political parties.
2. Winning a constituency seat in the House of Commons means that a candidate has secured a seat for both themselves and their party in the legislative body.
3. Voters in the UK general election can choose to vote in person at a polling station, vote by post, or vote by proxy where someone else votes on their behalf.
4. Voter ID is required at polling stations to verify the identity of voters and ensure the integrity of the electoral process.
5. When the poll stations close on election day, no more votes can be counted, and an exit poll is conducted to provide an early indication of the final result.
6. An exit poll is based on surveys taken outside polling stations and gives a good indication of the potential election outcome, although not 100% accurate.
7. If there is a hung Parliament after the general election, where no party wins a majority, parties may need to form coalitions or try to govern without a majority.

Mike McCartney

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