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Excellent video on health care

Mike McCartney

16th September 2022

Which country has the best system?

I have been planning to use the Politics blog to post the occasional excellent video that I hope would be of interest to students and teachers, even if (especially if?) it doesn't fit within the narrow confines of the specification(what we used to call a syllabus!).

About this time of year over a large chunk of my teaching career I would be knee deep in planning the final stages of a study visit to New York and Washington, DC (as time progressed, the trip morphed into a trip to DC only), and with about a month until the planned half term departure I would be finalising the itinerary of study visits to congressional aides, interest group think tank representatives, and so on. As part of the trip we would visit experts on US public policy. So topics like gun control, economic management, the prison-industrial complex, and the environment would all be up for discussion.

One of the topics that is always fascinating for A level students, I have found, is health care. This was especially true of corse, during the Obama era.

So which country, if any, should the USA look to as a template for how to run its health are system? The answer, unsurprisingly, isn't an easy one.

I wish I had this video to show students before we embarked on our trips...!

From the Washington Post

ps if any teachers are planning, or are thinking of planning trip to Washington, DC, I can possibly dig out the most recent itinerary (with potential contacts), if interested.

Mike McCartney

Mike is an experienced A-Level Politics teacher, author and examiner.

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