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Real-Life Graphs and Rates of Change Revision Videos

AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Last updated 15 Aug 2017

Although real life graphs can take many forms, the same general principles will apply to all of them. Take a look at these videos to get an idea of what you need to know.

RawMaths gives us two examples of types of real life graphs.

6.11 Interpret Real life Graphs (Conversion graphs) - Basic Maths Core Skills Level 6 / GCSE Grade D - RawMaths

Jayates brings us a real life situation where we need to compare two real life graphs to answer a question.

Maths Revision : Real-life graphs - jayates

Jayates shows us how to find the rate of change by drawing a tangent to the curve and finding the gradient of that tangent.

GCSE Maths Gradients and rates of change from curves - jayates

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