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Properties of 2D Shapes Revision Videos

AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Last updated 14 Aug 2017

2D shapes are often overlooked as students assume that they know all there is to know on the subject. Although it is not the most difficult topic in the GCSE, you can still drop marks here by forgetting a key word or a property of a shape. Review these videos to make sure that you haven't got any gaps in your knowledge.

Corbettmaths takes us through all of the 2d shapes that we need to be able to name.

Names of 2D Shapes - Corbettmaths

RawMaths delves into the properties of quadrilaterals, essential knowledge for all GCSE students

Properties of Quadrilaterals Recap GCSE Maths revision and help - RawMaths

Math Antics brings us this video focussing the properties of triangles.

Math Antics - Triangles

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