Study Notes

Young People and the Nazis

AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Last updated 12 Apr 2018

In keeping with Nazi ideals, young people should be encouraged to serve their country. They were the workers and the soldiers of tomorrow. The young were the future of Germany and as such should be prepared to serve Germany above anything else.

The Nazis had four central aims for young people. Firstly all young people should be supportive and love their country who believe in a strong Germany. Second, in addition to loving their country, everyone should be supporters of the Nazi party. Thirdly, girls should be housewives and bear the children of the Reich. Finally, boys should be the workforce of a future Germany and be prepared to die for the Reich.

The Nazis ensured that the policies they produced ensured that this view of young people was supported and the division between boys and girls was maintained.

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