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The Hitler Youth

AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Last updated 12 Apr 2018

The Hitler Youth was the group for boys set up by the Nazis. During the Weimar Republic it was common for political parties to set up youth wings for the party, and the Nazis were no different. However, when Hitler became Chancellor, these alternative groups were banned and everyone was encouraged to join the Hitler Youth instead. This was eventually made compulsory in 1939.

The Hitler Youth differed to groups today as the Hitler Youth was simply the Nazi Party for children. The Nazis used the group to teach Nazi ideas to the young people which included the Nazis views on Jews and German History. The members of the Hitler Youth also had to pledge their loyalty to the party and to Hitler. It was also expected that members of the Hitler Youth would report on members of their families or teachers if they were not following the Nazi ideas.

The Nazis also used the Hitler Youth to create model German citizens who would fit with the Nazi ideals. As the Nazis placed a huge emphasis on the strong overcoming the weak, the Hitler Youth had a strong regime of physical fitness, including hikes and trips into the mountains. The emphasis of physical fitness was accompanied by military style training, after all the Nazis wanted members of the Hitler Youth to become soldiers for the Reich. Therefore, members of the Hitler Youth trained with small fire arms and skills for being a soldier in the field. The Nazis also set up specialist divisions for more specialist training including flying and the navy. Members of the Hitler Youth, were often instructed by members of the SA who enacted harsh punishments upon them if they disobeyed orders or for doing something wrong.

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