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Study notes

The Young Plan (1929)

  • Levels: GCSE
  • Exam boards: AQA, Edexcel, OCR

The Young Plan was another plan agreed between Germany and the Allies and was named after the US Banker who oversaw the plan (Owen Young).

The Young Plan was simple. It cut Germany’s total reparations from £6.6billion to £2 billion.

In addition, the Young Plan also gave 59 years to pay reparations meaning Germany would be paying reparations until 1988.

Whilst this agreement made it easier for Germany to pay reparations, the deal did not please everyone, especially those who resented the Treaty of Versailles such as the National Socialists.

Despite this opposition, most Germans supported the Young Plan and when a referendum on the plan was held 85% of the electorate voted in favour.


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