Study Notes

Weimar and Nazi Germany (1918-1939): The German Labour Front

AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Last updated 15 Jul 2024

The German Labour Front was set up to protect the rights of workers, especially as the Nazis had banned Trade Unions due to their political work. Therefore to appease the workers, and as a method of control, the Nazis set up the German Labour Front.

The German Labour Front protected the rights of workers, and dealt with issues of pay and working hours. Contained within the Labour Front was the Strength Through Joy movement and the Beauty of Labour programme. 

Whilst under the protection of trade unions, workers had their hours protected and could collectively bargain for improvements in pay and conditions, under the German Labour Front, they could not. The Labour Front acted as the arm of the Nazi Party in employment, ensuring that workers were producing goods for the nation. The Labour Front’s allegiance was to the Reich and not the people it represented.

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