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Study Notes

Strength Through Joy

AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Last updated 10 Apr 2018

Strength Through Joy was an organisation set up by the Nazis to promote employees rights in the work place. It was designed to appease workers as the Trade Unions had been banned in Germany, but it was still an organisation that was controlled by the Nazis. It was set up as a division of the German Labour Front.

The purpose was to inspire the German workers, to encourage them that the work they were completing was for the benefit of the nation. Therefore, Strength Through Joy, attempted to provide activities for the workers of the Reich to enjoy. In order to enjoy these activities, workers had to join the Strength Through Joy programme. Typical activities included film screenings and trips to the theatre, and attendance at sports events. They also offered holidays and cruises to some workers. 

Strength Through Joy also attempted to improve the people’s access to consumer goods. The Nazis promoted the Volkswagen or ‘People’s Car’. It was designed to be affordable for all Germans. Strength Through Joy encouraged people to give five Reichsmarks per week to pay for their car. However, the factories producing the cars became weapons factories during the War. 

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