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Study Notes

Opposition to the Nazis

AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Despite somewhat high levels of acceptance of the Nazi Party there were pockets of opposition to the regime. In many cases these acts of resistance and opposition were small and would simply inconcienvence the Nazi Party. There was not out right rebellion in the form of an uprising.

Even though trade unions and political parties had been banned, there was opposition to the Nazis. The Social Democrats, which had been banned printed a newspaper which resulted in the leaders being detained, however some of the leaders managed to escape Germany and continued to spread anti-Nazi messages from abroad. In addition to this, the Communist Party (KPD) encouraged workers to delay and resist the Nazis. Actions from the communists included workers calling in sick, damaging machinery or working slowly to delay the completion of Nazi building projects.

The Army too had levels of resistance as not all officers were convinced by the Nazi regime. General Ludwig Beck attempted to get officers to arrest Hitler and led plots to assassinate Hitler in 1943 and 1944.

Resistance could also be found in the Church and among young people, even though the Nazis had attempted to stamp out religious and youth opposition with the control of churches and youth organisations.

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