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Study Notes

Conformity in Nazi Germany

AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Last updated 11 Apr 2018

There is no question about the high levels of support for the Nazis during their rule in Germany, certainly in the early parts. Elections returned large blocks of Nazis to the Reichstag and Hitler gained 36% of the votes to become President. However, despite these high levels of support, the question should be asked about just how much people supported Hitler, or whether they simply accepted that the Nazis were in charge as this was easier than resisting.

The Nazis did many things to ensure that people supported them. They successfully exploited propaganda and culture to their advantage. For the average German citizen they would only ever hear success stories about the Nazis and Hitler, and never any criticism. The control of the press and the erection of loud speakers also helped spread this positive message of Hitler and the party.  

However, the Nazis did not just use propaganda to ensure conformity among the German people. They were also quite successful in their policies. Hitler claimed success for the reduction in the levels of unemployment, the increase in wages, and success in the lead up to World War Two with the overturning of the Treaty of Versailles.

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