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Study Notes

Music and Film in Nazi Germany

AQA, Edexcel, OCR

Last updated 17 Feb 2018

Music was as with other forms of culture controlled heavily. The Nazis banned some forms of music entirely and promoted other forms of music as they were seen as German and patriotic. Jazz music was completely banned due to the links with black people and as Felix Mendelssohn was Jewish, the performance of his music was also restricted.

However, the music of Wagner was promoted as it emphasised Germanic culture from the past. The works of Bach and Beethoven were also promoted by the party.

Cinema was also heavily controlled in Germany, and was also used as a method of propaganda. Film scripts had to be submitted to Joseph Goebbels personally to approve to make sure they were inline with the views of the Party. When Germans went to the cinema they first had to watch a newsreel of German successes.

The Nazis also used film themselves to showcase German achievements. Their films of the party rallies were used as methods of propaganda.

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