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Study Notes

End of Monarchy in Germany


Last updated 3 Sept 2018

The First World War ended in November 1918, but evidence that Germany was going to lose was evident earlier than that, throughout the late summer and early autumn. The Allied Powers were keen to create situations whereby peace could established.

As part of the peace deal, the Allies wanted Germany to improve and encourage the spread of democracy. This commitment to democracy was not one which was shared by the Kaiser who refused to agree with the conditions for peace.

When news of this refusal leaked out, German sailors in Kiel mutinied. This lead to other revolts across Germany and even the declaration of a Socialist Republic in the German state of Bavaria.

These revolts left the Kaiser in a difficult position. The Kaiser abdicated and left Germany for a life of exile in the Netherlands. Two days later the end of World War One came about on the 11th November 1918. Monarchy was over in Germany, and the fragile Weimar Republic was born.

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