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Why Study Economics? | Classroom Poster / Student Handout Set

Why Study Economics? We've drawn on the great ideas of Economics teachers to produce this new classoom poster / student handout to help inspire students to choose our wonderful subject!

There are eight posters in this set which make the case for studying Economics in order to:

  • Help you understand the world
  • Make a difference
  • Help with other subjects
  • Build transferable skills
  • Earn a good income
  • Understand numbers and information
  • Become the “lynch pin” of a team
  • Set yourself apart from the competition

You can download the PDF of this resource from the link below.

We're getting some ready-printed, giant (A2-sized) full colour copies of the poster set - and these will be available to order here when they arrive from the printer!

Download the Why Study Economics? | Classroom Poster / Student Handout Set

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