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Wage Differentials in the UK (Labour Markets)

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Last updated 22 Mar 2021

The top & bottom earning occupations in the British labour market are summarised below

Top earnings

Aircraft pilots and flight engineers£90,420
Chief executives and senior officials£81,521
Air traffic controllers£79,874
Medical practitioners£71,141
Marketing and sales directors£70,742
Information technology and telecommunications directors£64,511
Financial managers and directors£61,108
Senior police officers£57,896
Financial institution managers and directors£53,621
Senior professionals of educational establishments£50,367

Bottom earnings

Waiters and waitresses£12,507
Bar staff£12,948
Hairdressers and barbers£13,373
Kitchen and catering assistants£13,396
Launderers, dry cleaners and pressers£13,767
Retail cashiers and check-out operators£13,911
Cleaners and domestics£14,164
Nursery nurses and assistants£14,305
Other elementary services occupations n.e.c.£14,575

Source: UK office of national statistics

Minimum and Living Wage in the UK Labour Market


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