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Ruth Tarrant

19th July 2016

Here's a collation of all the free tutor2u economics lesson resources that have been designed throughout the year for the Beyond the Bike project, with the support of the RES - great for all your synoptic teaching, an important new feature of the new spec A level. Each of the links below takes you to the original entry on the tutor2u blog, which contains the background information needed for the resource and a hyperlink to the PDF resource. Now's a great time to download these resources and make sure they feature in your schemes of work for next year!

Resources for teaching Financial Markets

Resources for teaching International Trade

The pattern of International Trade

  • How has globalisation changed the pattern of trade, if at all? Here's a resource examining Old and New Trade Routes
  • This resource helps students understand the various Stages of Economic Integration - highly topical given the renegotiation of the UK's relationship with the EU!

The European Union

Fair Trade

Exchange Rates

Resources for teaching Economic Development

Assessing Economic Development, and Development Constraints

Policies for Improving Economic Development

Sustainable Development

Micro Resources

Exam-Style Resources

And finally...! You can use this resource as a practice Data Response on the impact of China on the global economy.

Ruth Tarrant

Ruth has been Subject Lead in Economics at tutor2u for many years after a career of teaching Economics, Business, Politics and Maths in a range of secondary schools. She is a highly experienced A level Economics Examiner, and also teaches undergraduate Economics on a very part-time basis at the University of Oxford. Ruth is passionate about making economics fun, engaging and accessible.

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