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Teaching activity

Economic Foundations quiz - use this with new Economics students

Jonny Clark

4th September 2017

Here's a quick quiz that can either be set as homework or used as an in-class activity with your new students at the start of term.

It uses the classic game format of 'Concentration' - where players match two cards within a set of 12. However, if they choose two cards that do not match, those cards get turned around again so that their contents can not be seen. The idea is to find all 6 pairs using the least amount of attempts.

This activity has 3 games, all of which cover some of the main topics that you would consider in those early lessons. The quiz is online so can be set as an activity out of class but may be a fun activity to undertake as a plenary for an early lesson.

Jonny Clark

Jon Clark has been teaching economics and business studies for over 25 years primarily in the Further Education sector. Before joining tutor2u, he was a senior manager at South Cheshire College in Crewe.

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