Over 2,000 Year 13 Economists are now enrolled on A-Level Economics Catch Up 2021 - self-paced online course that supports students completing their A-Level Economics qualification in 2021 with a structured programme covering key A-Level Economics concepts from Year 12.

A-Level Economics Catch Up 2021 is organised into a series of "Weeks" each of which focuses on a core topic area from year 12 that underpins student performance as they undertake centred-based assessments and final exams in 2021.

In each Week students work their way through a series of short, sequenced videos and interactive resources, supported by resource downloads.

Students can mark each element of the Catch Up course as complete them so that they can track their progress.

All of the Week 1 course content can be viewed for free by enrolling in preview mode from the course home page.

Take a look at A-Level Economics Catch Up 2021 here


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