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Teaching activity

A living diagram

Ben Cahill

10th November 2017

I promised my students that before their exam today I would try and grow an Economics diagram....

It ended up  far more time-consuming than I thought but some late night gardening meant that I was able to get it to a satisfactory stage to show them before they went into sit their papers.

Supply and Demand - A Living Diagram

It is made from fast growing watercress - only 5 days and it is fully grown. The students were impressed and my higher level students who were there for another exam and saw it want me to grow a monopoly diagram before their exam in ten days time...we'll see! I was going to try and do the S and D with the cress but it didn't work out so I had to go with apple skin.

Most of the other teachers thought it was an attempt at the Union Jack though...

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