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Exam technique advice

Get Ready for Paper 3 in 2019 (AQA A Level Business)

  • Levels: A Level
  • Exam boards: AQA

A quick reminder here on the key features of Paper 3 - and some reflections on Paper 2.

Anything can be examined in all three papers - so don't rely on question-spotting.

Paper 3 is highly evaluative - so make sure you allocate sufficient time in your 16 mark+ responses to provide a balanced, well-argued judgement that is focused on the demands of the questions and is supported by your arguments.

Paper 3 is also the “Case Study” paper. Don’t just repeat in your answers what is in the case. Draw our key features (e.g. data, the situation of the business, the objectives) and use them to provide the context for your arguments.

Get Ready for Paper 3 in 2019 (AQA A Level Business)

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